Working procedure’s and equipment:

1. Assessment of workplace risks and make sure it does not make a risk to those Present in place.

2. Manual and electric tools used in workplace must be completely safe, and used in a safe manner in terms of the preventative and safe electrical conductivity.

3. Continuous inspection on the place and work tools, and take appropriate action.


1. Control the release of dusts, chemicals, oils and fluids as possible, which can affect the environment.

2. Control the sources of noise if any.

Emergency Preparedness and action plan:c

1. Make emergency plans for the work entrusted to us, and to include or align them with a contingency plan of Arab Potash company.

2. Agreement on cooperation with the Department of safety and Security at potash Company in the case of Emergencies such as fire or injury of people ... Etc.

3. Emergency contacts must be exchanged.

4. Provide basic Emergency equipment prior to project start up, such as fire extinguishers, first aid boxes for cuts.

5. Immediate reporting of all incident, conditions and unsafe acts.